77 Law Enforcement websites hit in mass attack by #Antisec Anonymous
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Because of FBI's actions against Anonymous and Lulzsec including several arrests, Now AntiSec supporters have targeted 77 law enforcement domains and walked away with everything on them. 77 domains were hosted on the same server. Few weeks before AntiSec targeted Arizona police departments, leaking personal information and other sensitive data, in response to immigration laws passed by the state. This time however, the latest law enforcement raid by AntiSec is in response to actions taken by the FBI.

77 US law enforcement institutions were attacked including : 20jdpa.com, adamscosheriff.org, admin.mostwantedwebsites.net,alabamasheriffs.com, arkansassheriffsassociation.com,bakercountysheriffoffice.org, barrycountysheriff.com, baxtercountysheriff.com,baxtercountysherifffoundation.org, boonecountyar.com, boonesheriff.com,cameronso.org, capecountysheriff.org, cherokeecountyalsheriff.com,cityofgassville.org, cityofwynne.com, cleburnecountysheriff.com,coahomacountysheriff.com, crosscountyar.org, crosscountysheriff.org,drewcountysheriff.com, faoret.com, floydcountysheriff.org, fultoncountyso.org,georgecountymssheriff.com, grantcountyar.com, grantcountysheriff-collector.com,hodgemansheriff.us, hotspringcountysheriff.com, howardcountysheriffar.com,izardcountyar.org, izardcountysheriff.org, izardhometownhealth.com,jacksonsheriff.org, jeffersoncountykssheriff.com, jeffersoncountyms.gov,jocomosheriff.org, johnsoncosheriff.com, jonesso.com, kansassheriffs.org,kempercountysheriff.com, knoxcountysheriffil.com, lawrencecosheriff.com,lcsdmo.com, marioncountysheriffar.com, marionsoal.com, mcminncountysheriff.com,meriwethercountysheriff.org, monroecountysheriffar.com, mosheriffs.com,mostwantedgovernmentwebsites.com, mostwantedwebsites.net,newtoncountysheriff.org, perrycountysheriffar.org, plymouthcountysheriff.com,poalac.org, polkcountymosheriff.org, prairiecountysheriff.org,prattcountysheriff.com, prentisscountymssheriff.com, randolphcountysheriff.org,rcpi-ca.org, scsosheriff.org, sebastiancountysheriff.com, sgcso.com,sharpcountysheriff.com, sheriffcomanche.com, stfranciscountyar.org,stfranciscountysheriff.org, stonecountymosheriff.com, stonecountysheriff.com,talladegasheriff.org, tatecountysheriff.com, tishomingocountysheriff.com,tunicamssheriff.com, vbcso.com, woodsonsheriff.com

In 77 law enforcement domains were attacked, resulting in the theft of 5-10GB worth of sensitive documents. Some of the data lifted in the AntiSec raids includes training files, and the personal information like names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security Numbers, usernames, and passwords of more than 7,000 officers from dozens of police departments.
"[The compromised data] also contained jail inmate databases and active warrant information, but we are redacting the name/address info to demonstrate how those facing the gun of the criminal injustice system are our comrades and not our adversaries. On the other hand, we will be making public name and contact information about informants who had the false impression that they would be able to 'anonymously' snitch in secrecy."

"We demand prosecutors immediately drop all charges and investigations against all 'Anonymous' defendants," Attacker said.

"To law enforcement: your bogus trumped-up charges against the Anonymous PayPal
LOIC attacks will not stick, nor will your intimidation tactics stop us from exposing your corruption. While many of the recent 'Anonymous' arrestees are completely innocent, there is no such thing as an innocent cop, and we will act accordingly."

"To our hacker comrades: now is the time to unite and fight back against our common oppressors. Escalate attacks against government, corporate, law enforcement and military targets: destroy their systems and leak their private data."

Sheriff Montgomery's , of Baxter County, Arkansas, website is among the 77 recently targeted by AntiSec.
As of Saturday evening, baxtercountysheriff.com remains offline. A mirror of the site's defacement by AntiSec is here. Additionally, cityofgassville.org, was offline as well. It too is listed as one of the 77 sites targeted by AntiSec.

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