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THN Report : ACER hacked because of their own stupidity !

THN Report : ACER hacked because of their own stupidity !
Yes ! you read right , ACER hacked because of their own stupidity. Yesterday we report that Pakistan Cyber Army hacked Acer Europe Server and 40,000 Users Data, Source Codes & Server Compromised .

Today we investigate on this and try to find out that how exactly Pakistan hackers got the FTP access . Here in above image you can see the screenshot taken by us from a ASP forum of Acer-Euro. Acer ASP Support Team posted some Hot Fix Release and give FTP access to other members , so that they can download that Hot Fix. This was posted on January 11, 2008 . Pakistan hackers got this and explore the FTP and In "PB" directory they get "Country Wise Customer" file, which include the 40000 users data managed according to country wise. 

Now this Data breach is only because of ACER's own Stupidity. The link of Forum post is "".
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