Th3J35t3r (The Jester) claim to expose identities of LulzSec Leader "Sabu"

Th3J35t3r (The Jester) Just now Tweet " - TANGO DOWN - 'this is General Hummel, from Alcatraz, Out' - for the lulz.".

He doing ddos attack on Lulzsec website "". and also he release a pastebin post, that includes some exposure about the Lulzsec leader "sabu". Some of the exposed info is:

Name(s): Xavier Kaotico, Xavier de Leon
Age: 30 as of 2011-06-21
Location: Possibly New York City, NY (has lived there)
Profession: Independent IT consultant
Interests: Python programming, Linux, network security, exploit development

There are lots of Dox Information he posted in the pastebin : .

There is Server Info also Leaked :
Moreever , The personal website of sabu is : .

The big Question Arises that, Lulzsec involved in major Security Breaches of 2011 , and Still they are Enjoying More than 264,340++ Followers of Twitter . Why U.S govt, FBI or Twitter is Not able to Take down there Twitter Account ??

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