JustHost Hosting Server Compromised, More than 1000's of websites at Risk !
JustHost.com Server Breached ! "Just host is one of the fast growing hosting industries with the good uptime reliability with the best support and it's new to the world wide in the year 2008.Just host .com is one of the uppermost web hosting suppliers and are identified for their uptime reliability with the most superb support."

Millions of websites Hosted on various JustHost Servers. One of them got Hacked by some hacker. Breached data become public from twitter account of "ContraHax" .
This Hack is seems to be Dedicated to "Antisec operation" Started by Anonymous and Lulzsec.

The exposed data includes :
1.) DNS file : https://pastebin.com/bXLEw0TL
2.) Directories of Websites
3.) /etc/passwd Backup : https://pastebin.com/M637rkJz

We Have Inform JustHost admins, Stay Tuned for their Comments on This Security Breach.

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