HP computers FTP hacked by HexCoder
UPDATE : We have verified that this is just a anonymous FTP user access to ftp.hp.com . There is nothing like hack. Pakistani hacker HexCoder may try this to get attention. Anyway the access is available for all with :
Host : ftp.hp.com
Username : anonymous
Password : anonymous

Just Now we (The Hacker News) got a mail from Pakistani hacker named "HexCoder" . He Claim to hack FTP of HP computers at ftp.hp.com

Statement about this Hack by Hacker HexCoder,"I have done this by getting access to FTP successfully.All this by just mere stupidity!Oh and I will not share their database because its too big (9 GB)".

About a month before , ACER hacked because of their own stupidity, and this time HP computers.

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