HP computers FTP hacked by HexCoder
The Hacker News
UPDATE : We have verified that this is just a anonymous FTP user access to ftp.hp.com . There is nothing like hack. Pakistani hacker HexCoder may try this to get attention. Anyway the access is available for all with :
Host : ftp.hp.com
Username : anonymous
Password : anonymous

Just Now we (The Hacker News) got a mail from Pakistani hacker named "HexCoder" . He Claim to hack FTP of HP computers at ftp.hp.com .

Statement about this Hack by Hacker HexCoder,"I have done this by getting access to FTP successfully.All this by just mere stupidity!Oh and I will not share their database because its too big (9 GB)".

About a month before , ACER hacked because of their own stupidity, and this time HP computers.

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