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Rumor or True ? FBI & hackers exposed : LulzSec Participants Identified !

Rumor or True ? FBI hackers exposed : LulzSec Participants Identified !

Okay Now we have LulzSec Participants, Just now Exposed by some Investigators at . LulzSec are the guys who Hack cracked the login database, including emails and passwords. Now they Claim to have 178 logins from an FBI-related website.

Update : We have just talk to OpNoPro and He claim that, He is not the part of any HACKING ACTIVITY . Neither he is part of  LulzSec. Nothing is confirmed, But still there are lots of important things, that we have to consider before blaming anyone. These two identified guys can be Innocent. We are looking forward to Investigation teams for validating the news and Facts. Stay Tuned !

OpNoPro, heyguise have been identified according to Source:
OpNoPro Info
AnonOps IRC Nic: OpNoPro
AKA Lulz4All
Likely the primary instigator of LulzSec.

From AnonOps IRC
opnopro ( has joined #OperationGreenRights

From AnonOps IRC (Ryan leak) (

IRC quote: “ send magnets.... we are 20 minutes from the border....”

Your IP address is
City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Continent: North America
Time Zone: EST

Heyguise Info
AnonOps IRC Nic: heyguise

First name is John or Johnny. Likes to play the guitar.


From AnonOps IRC
heyguise ( has joined #anonleaks

From AnonOps IRC (Ryan leak) ( traces back to a VPS in the Netherlands

Your IP address is
City: Katwijk
Country: Netherlands
Continent: Europe
Time Zone: GMT+1

Their Twitter account:!/LulzSec

We are not Confirmed that How much the Informations is Correct, But still Something is better than Nothing ! Source of News is

Another Interesting Exclusive Report : Is Department of Defense (DoD), Pentagon, NASA, NSA is Secure ?

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