Metasploit Framework 3.7.1 Released !


  • Metasploit now ships with 687 exploit modules, 357 auxiliary modules, and 39 post modules.
  • 2 new exploits and 2 new auxiliary modules have been added since the last release.

Highlights & New Features
This release address a performance issue with HTTP Services and adds a few modules. In addition, a bug in the Windows auto-update task has been corrected, along with minor changes to the Windows installer.

New Modules

  • VideoLAN VLC ModPlug ReadS3M Stack Buffer Overflow
  • ICONICS WebHMI ActiveX Buffer Overflow
  • SPlayer 3.7 Content-Type Buffer Overflow
  • OpenSSL < 0.9.8i DTLS ChangeCipherSpec Remote DoS Exploit
  • ARP Spoof

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