Hack your Sony PSP : ISO Tool v1.975 Released !
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So I don't know if you're familiar with the latest version of Takka's ISO Tool or not, but I just downloaded it after reading about this "Fake NP data" feature. While I'm not 100% clear, mainly because of the poor Google Translation, it seems v1.975 can patch EBOOT.BIN game files, NPDRM'ing ISOs to appear as downloaded PSN content, letting you load 'em up … possibly without HEN or CFW? And that's what I'm not clear on.

I've been playing with ISO Tool v1.975 on my PSPgo… I have a few legitimately purchased games from PSN installed; however, my PSP isn't "activated" (that's another story) and I can't activate it with PSN being down, thus I'm stuck with error 8010850F ("To use this content, you must activate the system.").

But here is how it works anyway:

  • Load up ISO Tool
  • Press [Triangle] to bring up the SYS MENU
  • Select "Make fake_np data File."
  • Browse to and press [Cross] on a PSN-downloaded directory
  • Select "Yes" to start the process
  • When it's done browse to your ISO directory
  • Press [Cross] on whatever ISO
  • Select "Convert fake_np"
  • Select the PSN-downloaded game title created in step 4 & 5
  • Let it process… Time will vary depending on ISO size
  • Exit to the XMB and try loading the ISO

The translated change log can be found on the download page.

Download: ISO Tool v1.975

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