Calling All Hackers - Grand Prize in Sunshine State "Hacktacular" Challenge !
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Calling all hackers: Data Analyzers, LLC ( in Orlando, Florida, is hosting the Sunshine State "Hacktacular" Challenge with a big prize for the top competitor – a full-time job with benefits and relocation allowance if you move to Orlando.

Data Analyzers has an immediate job opening for a junior data recovery engineer. The four-year old firm specializes in data recovery, computer forensics and ethical hacking, and has enough corporate clients to keep its engineers working overtime to meet deadlines.

Trouble is, very few people in the U.S. possess the skills to qualify. No two data recovery problems are ever the same, and security safeguards are evolving almost as fast as hacking technology.

"Data recovery skills are so specialized that typical 'help wanted' ads, even at colleges and universities that offer graduate degrees in computer sciences, don't do the job," said Andrew von Ramin-Mapp, founder and CEO of Data Analyzers.

So Data Analyzers devised the Sunshine State Hacktacular Challenge: "hack" a typical problem file, convert the data to a manageable medium and land a chance at a permanent job in Orlando with a salary range in the high $30's, benefits, a relocation allowance and generous performance bonuses.

"Hacking has a bad reputation," von Ramin-Mapp said. "But hacking skills can provide legal, helpful and rewarding services to consumers and companies," he said.

One recent client hired Data Analyzers to "hack" his deceased brother's computer to find evidence of the brother's murder.

"We operate strictly above board with the full authority of the owners of the data we recover," von Ramin-Mapp said.

Besides a generous salary and benefits, Data Analyzers offers a cutting-edge working environment.

"We have a fully-equipped computer forensics lab with a state-of-the-art clean room and proprietary tools as sophisticated as any facility in the U.S.," von Ramin-Mapp said.

To register for the Sunshine State Hacktacular Challenge, visit or email

For further information contact:
Andrew von Ramin-Mapp, CEO, Data Analyzers, LLC, 321-206-6718

Joannie Zayas, Office Manager,

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