ANC Youth League's website hacked !
The ANC Youth League's website has been hacked, with the attackers leaving a message in the name of league president Julius Malema.
The Hacker News
The fake post said Malema was stepping down as ANCYL leader, iafrica news reported

In response to questions about the alleged hacking of the website, youth league spokeswoman Magdelene Moonsamy said: "There is nothing that we are aware of at this point and there is nothing on our website.

"We do not have time for things like this."

The hoax message gave a number of reasons for Malema's resignation.

"I promote Nationalisation even though I have no concept (sic) of how it works or its blacklash (sic) to the economy," one reason read.

"I have disrespected my elders and have made a fool out of myself," read another.

The message ended with: "It is with great hope that I step down and welcome a new era in the ANCYL, one where thought and vision inspire our country rather then racism and personal ambition destroy it".

According to the ANCYL site, the post was made by the "{Blah Blah} Protest group".
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