Team Nuts Admin's official site Defaced By Lucky (Indishell)
The Hacker News

Last Night the Indian Hacking Group Team Nuts Admin : Mack's official website Got Defaced By Another Indian Hacking Group 'Indishell' Admin 'Lucky'. As from last some years in Pakistan two biggest hacking groups 'Pakbugs' & 'PCA' are fighting with each other for Proving Them self stronger and best than others, So Now In India this gonna happen ... Two Indian Hacking Groups 'Indishell' & 'Team Nuts' having the same Problems with each other. Today 'Indishell' do the First attack via hacking 'Mack' website , Who knows how long this Pride war continue... But Really These Acts Can't Proof some 'worst' or 'best' . Because No one is secure in this world... Recently Ankit Fadia was got hacked, Even Indishell was also got hacked by Pak hackers , Also the biggest U.S based Security Firms owner 'HBGARY' was also got hacked by 'Anonymous Hackers' . Hope in India we will not have any Pride war with each other, Because everyone is Working for good cause, For own Country .....

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