Operation Tequila - Anonymous Hackers New target for Saturday, EXAfm.com !
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Citizens of the world:
Tequila is not finished...

Following the #OpTequila, Anonymous has decided to support the protests that are going on February 12th in Mexico DF against the censoring measures taken by MVS and Mexican Government, and to give our solidarity to any people oppressed by the system. This support will be divided in two ways:

Attacking the site www.exafm.com (IP: PORT: 80 Method: TCP) using LOIC or any other DDoS tool, starting at 11 AM (Central Mexican Time). It belongs to MVS.

Supporting the march going from the Auditorio Nacional to MVS headquarters, in solidarity with the Mexican people's cause always fighting for Freedom of Expression.

Knowledge is free and that won't be negotiated.
We are Anonymous. We are Legion.
We do not forgive. We do not forget.
Expect us!

If you are going to the protest, don't forget your Guy Fawkes' mask:

The Hacker News

The Hacker News

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