Operation Freedom ( OpFreedom ) 
Press Release By Anonymous Hackers !

NOTE : One More Press Released By Anonymous Hackers on there official site/Facebook/Twitter. We are Publishing This news, just as the Media of "Hacking Field" . These is No relation b/w 'The Hacker News' & 'Anonymous Hackers'.

We are Anonymous. We are everywhere. And we fight for freedom. We fight for free speech.  We fight against censorship.  Together with the citizens of the world we are strong. The actions of the  regimes will not be forgotten, nor will  they be forgiven.

Anonymous hears those cries, and  we will assist in bringing to justice those who commit criminal acts  against the innocent. We will not remain silent and let these crimes  against humanity continue.
Say no to Censorship and dictatorship.
Join Us. Spread news. 

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous Hackers - People That Change the World
Stay Tuned ;-)

News Source : Anonymous Hackers | Via Email

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