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British antic Matt Lucas Twitter Hacked !

British antic MATT LUCAS has hit aback at accusations he has been autograph letters on while drunk, insisting his annual was afraid this anniversary (beg31Jan11).

The Alice In Wonderland star's folio was adapted with several camp posts on Monday night (31Jan10), abrogation admirers assertive he had advantaged in booze afore hitting the web.

The teetotal antic woke up on Tuesday (01Feb11) to acquisition a cord of replies from afraid followers and he appear an actor had taken ascendancy of his account.

He writes, "Good morning all. Um, my Twitter annual was afraid aftermost night, so avoid any Tweets beatific because they didn't appear from me!

"Thanks for your accusations that I was drunk. I'm teetotal. The aberration I fabricated was not logging out of my computer!"
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