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AppTrana — Website Security Solution That Actually Works

AppTrana — Website Security Solution That Actually Works

Jul 02, 2019
Data loss and theft continues to rise, and hardly a day goes by without significant data breaches hit the headlines. In January 2019 alone, 1.76 billion records were leaked, and according to IBM's Data Breach study, the average cost of each lost or stolen record has reached about $148. Most of these data leaks are because of malicious attacks, where exploitation of web application vulnerabilities is one of the most common cyber attack vectors. An application security breach is a problem facing one and all, and no matter what's the size of your company, your web applications are prone to cyber attacks. Hackers breach sites for a variety of reasons—some do it for fame, some to get competitive information, whereas some do it just for financial gains. No matter what the reason is, the cost of a security breach is always higher than the cost of protection, leading to loss of data, substantial financial losses, and most importantly, loss of customers' trust. If you a
Google releases Cloud-based Web App Vulnerability Scanner and Assessment Tool

Google releases Cloud-based Web App Vulnerability Scanner and Assessment Tool

Feb 20, 2015
Google on Thursday unleashed its own free web application vulnerability scanner tool, which the search engine giant calls Google Cloud Security Scanner , that will potentially scan developers' applications for common security vulnerabilities on its cloud platform more effectively. SCANNER ADDRESSES TWO MAJOR WEB VULNERABILITIES Google launched the Google Cloud Security Scanner in beta. The New web application vulnerability scanner allows App Engine developers to regularly scan their applications for two common web application vulnerabilities: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Mixed Content Scripts Despite several free web application vulnerability scanner and vulnerability assessment tools are available in the market, Google says these website vulnerability scanners are typically hard to set up and " built for security professionals, " not for web application developers that run the apps on the Google App Engine. While Google Cloud Security Scanner will be ea
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