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Learn Machine Learning and AI – Online Training Program @ 93% OFF

Learn Machine Learning and AI – Online Training Program @ 93% OFF

Jul 27, 2020
Within the next decade, artificial intelligence is likely to play a significant role in our everyday lives. Machine learning already powers image recognition, self-driving cars, and Netflix recommendations. For any aspiring developer, learning how to code smart software is a good move. These skills are highly valued in tech, finance, sales, marketing, and many other sectors. The Hacker News recently partnered with professional trainers to offer their popular artificial intelligence online training programs at hugely discounted prices. The " Essential AI & Machine Learning Certification Training Bundle ," the program aims to help you explore the technology, with four hands-on video courses working towards certification: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Foundation ⁠— Explore the Field of AI & ML and Develop Your Expertise in Neural Network & Deep Architectures Data Visualization with Python and Matplotlib ⁠— Arrange Critical &
Iranian Hackers Accidentally Exposed Their Training Videos (40 GB) Online

Iranian Hackers Accidentally Exposed Their Training Videos (40 GB) Online

Jul 17, 2020
An OPSEC error by an Iranian threat actor has laid bare the inner workings of the hacking group by providing a rare insight into the "behind-the-scenes look into their methods." IBM's X-Force Incident Response Intelligence Services (IRIS) got hold of nearly five hours worth of video recordings of the state-sponsored group it calls ITG18 (also called Charming Kitten , Phosphorous , or APT35 ) that it uses to train its operators. Some of the victims in the videos included personal accounts of U.S. and Greek Navy personnel, in addition to unsuccessful phishing attempts directed against U.S. state department officials and an unnamed Iranian-American philanthropist. "Some of the videos showed the operator managing adversary-created accounts while others showed the operator testing access and exfiltrating data from previously compromised accounts," the researchers said. The IBM researchers said they found the videos on a virtual private cloud server that wa
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How to bypass iOS 6.1.2 Screen Lock, another Exploit Exposed

How to bypass iOS 6.1.2 Screen Lock, another Exploit Exposed

Feb 26, 2013
After a series of security issues, it appears that Apple still has not been able to resolve all the issue in iOS . Last week, Apple rolled out its iOS 6.1.2 update to owners of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in an effort to fixing the 3G connectivity and an Exchange calendar bugs. Hackers found an iOS 6 bug two weeks ago that allowed thieves into your phone, but only the Phone app and the features contained within could be accessed. Just after that, recently another screen lock bypass vulnerability  reported  in iOS 6.1 by Vulnerability Lab . This vulnerability allows users to bypass the lock screen pass code and access the phones photos and contacts. Researchers say the vulnerable device can be plugged into a computer via USB and access data like voice mails, pictures, contacts, etc.  This particular vulnerability was shared in detail over in a YouTube video for the masses, you can see the video tutorial as shown below: Steps to Follow: Connect your device
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