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Anonymous deface UK Police forum and Dating Portal

Anonymous deface UK Police forum and Dating Portal

Oct 24, 2012
Yesterday Anonymous deface the UK Police Online web forum (https://www.ukpoliceonline.co.uk) and stole the private emails addresses of various members. The Metropolitan Police's e-Crime unit is investigating the hack and said that no computer system run by the police force had been hacked. The Hack was originally announced by an Anonymous Twitter account - Operation Jubilee (OpJubilee) , they post a mirror url of defaced page. This hack was one of the part of OpJubilee. ANONYMOUS OPERATION JUBILEE :  Under this there will be Rally of Millions people To Parliament, London on 5th of November 2012. As planned this will be a peaceful gathering at the Parliament Building in London to declare the true jubilee. Hackers send out emails to the former officers whose details were obtained during hack, with a subject line: " A message to the police and armed forces ". Message body: " Hello members of our UK police and armed forces" and called for recipients to "st
Anonymous claims attacking Greek official websites

Anonymous claims attacking Greek official websites

Oct 09, 2012
Anonymous Group taken down several Greek government websites, on the eve of a visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Hackers Hack several sites including those of the Citizens Protection Ministry, the police and the Ministry of Justice. A message appeared saying: " The page cannot be found ". In a message posted on YouTube, Anonymous criticized the huge security operation that police plan for Tuesday to contain protests against Merkel, comparing the government to the military junta that ruled Greece from 1967 to 1974. Police could not confirm who was responsible for the attack, which Anonymous claimed in a series of Tweets on the social media site Twitter. Trade unions and opposition political parties have called for mass protests to greet the German chancellor, whom many Greeks accuse of unfairly forcing them down the path of painful austerity and driving the country even deeper into recession.
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