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MongoDB Suffers Security Breach, Exposing Customer Data

MongoDB Suffers Security Breach, Exposing Customer Data

Dec 17, 2023 Cyber Attack / Data Security
MongoDB on Saturday disclosed it's actively investigating a security incident that has led to unauthorized access to "certain" corporate systems, resulting in the exposure of customer account metadata and contact information. The American database software company  said  it first detected anomalous activity on December 13, 2023, and that it immediately activated its incident response efforts. It further noted that "this unauthorized access has been going on for some period of time before discovery," but emphasized it's not "aware of any exposure to the data that customers store in MongoDB Atlas." It did not disclose the exact time period of the compromise. In light of the breach, MongoDB recommends that all customers be on the lookout for social engineering and phishing attacks, enforce phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA), as well as rotate their MongoDB Atlas passwords. That's not all. The company said it's also expe
How to Automate the Hardest Parts of Employee Offboarding

How to Automate the Hardest Parts of Employee Offboarding

Nov 16, 2023 SaaS Account Management
According to recent research on  employee offboarding , 70% of IT professionals say they've experienced the negative effects of incomplete IT offboarding, whether in the form of a security incident tied to an account that wasn't deprovisioned, a surprise bill for resources that aren't in use anymore, or a missed handoff of a critical resource or account. This is despite an average of five hours spent per departing employee on activities like finding and deprovisioning SaaS accounts. As the SaaS footprint within most organizations continues to expand, it is becoming exponentially more difficult (and time-consuming) to ensure all access is deprovisioned or transferred when an employee leaves the organization.  How Nudge Security can help Nudge Security is a  SaaS management platform  for modern IT governance and security. It discovers every cloud and SaaS account ever created by anyone in your organization, including generative AI apps, giving you a single source of truth for depa
Google Ireland and Yahoo Domains Hijacked

Google Ireland and Yahoo Domains Hijacked

Oct 11, 2012
Irish websites Google.ie and Yahoo.ie went offline on Tuesday afternoon after their DNS servers were apparently hijacked to point to those of a third party, resulting in visitors being redirected to an 'allegedly fraudulent' address - farahatz.net. That site has now been taken offline, but it is not known whether the site could have been created with malicious intent. A short note on the homepage of the IE Domain Registry said the move followed a " security incident on Tuesday 9th October, involving two high profile .ie domains that has warranted further investigation and some precautionary actions on the part of the IEDR ." The IE Domain Registry have requested assistance from the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation. There was an unauthorised access to one registrar's account [MarkMonitor] which resulted in the change to the DNS nameserver records for the two .ie domains. The IEDR worked with the registrar to ensure that the nameserver records were rese
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Protecting Your Organization From Insider Threats - All You Need to Know

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Get practical insights and strategies to manage inadequate offboarding and insider risks effectively.
SHQ Response Platform and Risk Centre to Enable Management and Analysts Alike

SHQ Response Platform and Risk Centre to Enable Management and Analysts Alike

May 13, 2024Threat Detection / SoC / SIEM
In the last decade, there has been a growing disconnect between front-line analysts and senior management in IT and Cybersecurity. Well-documented challenges facing modern analysts revolve around a high volume of alerts, false positives, poor visibility of technical environments, and analysts spending too much time on manual tasks. The Impact of Alert Fatigue and False Positives  Analysts are overwhelmed with alerts. The knock-on effect of this is that fatigued analysts are at risk of missing key details in incidents, and often conduct time-consuming triaging tasks manually only to end up copying and pasting a generic closing comment into a false positive alert.  It is likely that there will always be false positives. And many would argue that a false positive is better than a false negative. But for proactive actions to be made, we must move closer to the heart of an incident. That requires diving into how analysts conduct the triage and investigation process. SHQ Response Platfo
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