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Demystifying a Common Cybersecurity Myth

Demystifying a Common Cybersecurity Myth

Mar 13, 2024 App Security / Cyber Security
One of the most common misconceptions in file upload cybersecurity is that certain tools are "enough" on their own—this is simply not the case. In our latest  whitepaper  OPSWAT CEO and Founder, Benny Czarny, takes a comprehensive look at what it takes to prevent malware threats in today's ever-evolving file upload security landscape, and a big part of that is understanding where the pitfalls are, and how to avoid them. The first step in that process is understanding that three commonly used tools or solutions are not enough on their own. Let's explore this concept and take a closer look at a better solution. Understanding the Challenge Modern web applications are complex, utilizing internet-connected IT systems that interface with critical OT systems, as well as leveraging a wide range of cloud providers and protocols. All these systems transfer and store highly sensitive and valuable data across government, healthcare, power, financial, and other critical sectors the world over,
Windows Built-in Antivirus Gets Secure Sandbox Mode – Turn It ON

Windows Built-in Antivirus Gets Secure Sandbox Mode – Turn It ON

Oct 29, 2018
Microsoft Windows built-in anti-malware tool, Windows Defender, has become the very first antivirus software to have the ability to run inside a sandbox environment. Sandboxing is a process that runs an application in a safe environment isolated from the rest of the operating system and applications on a computer. So that if a sandboxed application gets compromised, the technique prevents its damage from spreading outside the closed area. Since antivirus and anti-malware tools run with the highest level of privileges to scan all parts of a computer for malicious code, it has become a desired target for attackers. The need for sandboxing an antivirus tool has become necessary after multiple critical vulnerabilities were discovered in such powerful applications, including Windows Defender, in past years that could have allowed attackers to gain full control of a targeted system. That's why Microsoft announced to add a sandbox mode to its Windows Defender. So, even if an att
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