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Website Backdoor Scripts Leverage the Pastebin Service

Website Backdoor Scripts Leverage the Pastebin Service

January 07, 2015Mohit Kumar
The popular copy and paste website ' Pastebin ' created a decade ago for software developers and even by hackers groups to share source code, dumps and stolen data, has more recently been leveraged by cyber criminals to target millions of users. Compromising a website and then hosting malware on it has become an old tactic for hackers, and now they are trying their hands in compromising vast majority of users in a single stroke. Researchers have discovered that hackers are now using Pastebin to spread malicious backdoor code. According to a blog post published yesterday by a senior malware researcher at Sucuri , Denis Sinegubko, the hackers are leveraging the weakness in older versions of the RevSlider , a popular and a premium WordPress plugin. The plugin comes packaged and bundled into the websites' themes in such a way that many website owners don't even know they have it. In order to exploit the vulnerability, first hackers look for a RevSlider plugin i
Indian Government blocks 32 Sites, including GitHub, Pastebin, Imgur and Vimeo

Indian Government blocks 32 Sites, including GitHub, Pastebin, Imgur and Vimeo

January 01, 2015Mohit Kumar
China is known as the nation of ' global internet censorship ', and the country proved it many times, in fact when recently it blocked the access to Gmail from the country. Now, it seems that its northern neighbouring country, India doesn't want to get left behind. On Wednesday, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team issued the ban, asking internet service providers and mobile operators to block access to dozens of popular websites in the name of its censorship laws, according to a government advisory made public by Pranesh Prakash, director of the Centre for Internet and Society in Bangalore. As many as 32 websites including GitHub, PasteBin, Vimeo, Imgur, DailyMotion, Internet Archive have reportedly been banned in India under an order from the Department of Telecom (DoT). Vodafone, the second largest mobile network operator in India (after Airtel) with an estimated 173 million customers and BSNL, Indian state-owned telecom operator with 117 million
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