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Here's How Riffle Anonymity Network Protects Your Privacy better than Tor

Here's How Riffle Anonymity Network Protects Your Privacy better than Tor

Jul 16, 2016
Online privacy is an Internet buzzword nowadays. If you are also concerned about the privacy of your web surfing, the most efficient way is to use TOR – a free software that lets users communicate anonymously by hiding their actual location from snoopers. Although TOR is a great anonymous network, it has some limitations that could still allow a motivated hacker to compromise the anonymity of legions of users, including dark web criminals as well as privacy-minded innocents. Moreover, TOR (The Onion Network) has likely been targeted by the FBI to arrest criminals , including the alleged Silk Road 2 lieutenant Brian Richard Farrell, who was arrested in January 2014. Even the TOR Project accused the FBI of paying the researchers of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) at least $1 Million to disclose a technique that could help the agency unmask TOR users and reveal their IP addresses as part of a criminal investigation. So, what's next? Is there an alternative? Well, most p
Privatoria — Best VPN Service for Fast, Anonymous and Secure Browsing

Privatoria — Best VPN Service for Fast, Anonymous and Secure Browsing

Oct 27, 2015
PRIVACY  – a bit of an Internet buzzword nowadays. Why? Because the business model of the Internet has now become data collection. If you trust Google, Facebook or other Internet giants to be responsible managers of your data, the ongoing Edward Snowden revelations are making it all clear that this type of information can be easily snooped by the intelligence agencies like NSA and GCHQ. In short, the simple truth is that you have no or very little privacy when you are online. So, if you are worried about identity thieves, or your ISP spying on or throttling your traffic, the most efficient way to secure your privacy on the Internet is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. Though you can take other measures to increase security on your end, like installing a firewall as well as blocking known intrusive IP addresses that might be spying on you — But VPN takes your security to the next level by encrypting all inbound and outbound data. VPN (Virtual Priv
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Tor-Based Dark Web Email Service Targeted by Government Spies

Tor-Based Dark Web Email Service Targeted by Government Spies

Apr 25, 2015
The administrator of the popular Darknet email service , SIGAINT , is warning its users that the email service has become a target of a suspected law enforcement agency who tried to compromise it. About a week ago, SIGAINT has been targeted by an attacker who tried to hack the service by using nearly 70 bad Tor exit nodes , one of the service's administrator informed its users via the tor-talk mailing list on Thursday. Before jumping on the news, Let's first understand what are Exit Nodes? As I said, SIGAINT uses TOR anonymization network which means when an email sent from one user to any destination, the email routed through multiple relays/nodes that actually aren't aware of the sender's identity. The last machine that processes the email known as a Tor exit relay or Tor exit node. The end user who receives that email can see the IP of the exit node instead of the IP address of the original sender. And this is how, SIGAINT allows you to send
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