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Dashboards to Use on Palo Alto Networks for Effective Management

Dashboards to Use on Palo Alto Networks for Effective Management

Jul 09, 2019
Enterprises should expect to see more cyberattacks launched against them. The data that they now gather and store have made their infrastructures key targets for hackers. Customer data and intellectual property can be sold in the black market for profit, and sensitive information can also be used by hackers to extort them. Enterprises are now aggressively shifting their workloads to the cloud which, while it has many benefits, expands their defensive perimeter and exposes them to further risks as well. As such, organizations are now widely investing in various security solutions in order to comprehensively protect their networks. Gartner expects security spending to exceed $124 billion this year. Solutions such as firewalls and threat prevention tools have increasingly become essential for enterprises. Leading firewall provider Palo Alto Networks , for example, provides companies with various measures to protect their infrastructures. It's currently being used by tens
Here's How SIEM Can Protect Your Privileged Accounts in the Enterprise

Here's How SIEM Can Protect Your Privileged Accounts in the Enterprise

Oct 20, 2015
It's inevitable. Most security threats eventually target privileged accounts. In every organization each user has different permissions, and some users hold the metaphorical keys to your IT kingdom. If the privileged accounts get compromised, it can lead to theft or sabotage. Because these accounts control delicate parts of your IT operations, and it is important to know who has privileges, what privileges they have, when they received access, and what activity they've done. This is where Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software comes in handy. SIEM Monitors and Alerts on Privileged Account Activity Comprehensive monitoring of privileged accounts can be challenging because you need to monitor users who are administrators, users with root access, and users with access to firewalls, databases, services, automated processes, etc. With every additional user, group, and policy monitoring account activity gets increasingly difficult. On top of mo
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USB Defense: Stop Data Walking Out The Door

USB Defense: Stop Data Walking Out The Door

Apr 17, 2015
The bad news is that internal data breaches are on the rise. And one of the biggest culprits? USB devices. In the past few years, there has been many organizations tracking down the loss of sensitive/confidential information due to the usage of USB drives and other mass storage media. Cyber-security breaches and data theft are making more and more IT leaders paranoid about security than ever before. Why are USB devices dangerous? USB devices can hold a lot of information. For example, a 128 GB USB flash drive can store 60,000 photos, 20,000 songs, 100+ videos, and more. Just imagine how many protected corporate files could fit on one drive. Also, the storage capacity of USB devices is only going to increase. USB devices are super portable. Some USB storage devices are the size of a small coin. This makes them very difficult to visually detect when plugged into an open port. USB devices are cheap and easy to find. If you're in the market for a USB storage device, there
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