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Reminder! If You Haven't yet, Turn Off Windows 10 Keylogger Now

Reminder! If You Haven't yet, Turn Off Windows 10 Keylogger Now

September 08, 2015Swati Khandelwal
Do you know? Microsoft has the power to track every single word you type or say to its digital assistant Cortana while using its newest operating system, Windows 10 . Last fall, we reported about a ' keylogger ' that Microsoft openly put into its Windows 10 Technical Preview saying the company 'may collect voice information' as well as 'typed characters.' It was thought that the company would include the keylogger only within the Technical Preview of Windows 10, just for testing purpose. But, the thought was Wrong! The keylogger made its ways to Windows 10 public release offered by Microsoft for free due to which Windows 10 gained millions of adoption in just a few days after its first roll out back in July – but the free upgrade is not always free. Also Read:   Tip — Installing Windows 10‬? Fix 35+ Privacy Issues With Just One Click Yes, besides various privacy issues , there is a software component that tracks your inputs using your k
Screenlogger - A keylogger app for Android and iOS Smartphones

Screenlogger - A keylogger app for Android and iOS Smartphones

February 01, 2014Swati Khandelwal
Are you using a pattern lock for your Smartphone to remain untouched from cyber criminals? But you are not aware that even your swipe gestures can be analyzed by hackers. Neal Hindocha, a security adviser for the technology company Trustwave , has developed a prototype malware for the Smartphones that works the same as a keylogger software for desktop. The malware dubbed as ' Screenlogging ', is capable of monitoring finger swipes on the screen of your smart devices in combination with taking screenshots to know exactly how the user is interacting with their phone or tablet, reported by Forbes . The concept used by him is the same that of Keyloggers, a critical type of malware for cyber criminals, which records the input typed into the keyboard and can easily detect passwords for email, social media and of online bank accounts. In the same way the ' Screenlogger ' take care of the inputs taped and swiped on the screen. It logs the X and Y coordinates where the user ha
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