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Robert W. Taylor, Who Helped Create the Internet, Dies at 85

Robert W. Taylor, Who Helped Create the Internet, Dies at 85

April 17, 2017Wang Wei
Image by New York Times The Internet just lost one of its most prominent innovators. Robert W Taylor, a computer scientist who was instrumental in creating the Internet as well as the modern personal computer, has died at the age of 85. Mr. Taylor, who is best known as the mastermind of ARPAnet (precursor of the Internet), had Parkinson's disease and died on Thursday at his home in Woodside, California, his son Kurt Kurt Taylor told US media . While the creation of the Internet was work of many hands, Mr. Taylor made many contributions. As a researcher for the US military's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) in 1966, Taylor helped pioneer the concept of shared networks, as he was frustrated with constantly switching between 3 terminals to communicate with researchers across the country. His frustration led the creation of ARPAnet — a single computer network to link each project with the others — and this network then evolved into what we now know as the In
16-year-old Invents Device that Can Convert Breath to Speech

16-year-old Invents Device that Can Convert Breath to Speech

September 15, 2014Swati Khandelwal
A High-school student Arsh Shah Dilbagi has invented a portable and affordable device that converts breath into speech, helping people suffering from different developmental disabilities like locked-in syndrome, Parkinson's, or ALS to communicate using only their breath. A 16-year-old Dilbagi who hails from Harayana's Panipat region in India has come up as the only entry from Asia in the 15 global finalists at the Google Science Fair 2014 , a competition open to 13 to 18 year old thinkers. This augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device, Dilbagi dubbed it as ' Talk ', can turn breath signals into speech using the assistance of Morse code. This innovative device can be used by people with developmental disabilities whose communication abilities are impaired. Over 1.4 percent of the world's total population suffers from some disorder that renders victims almost completely paralyzed, making them difficult in speaking and forcing them to use an
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