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NSA collecting phone records of millions of US citizens daily

NSA collecting phone records of millions of US citizens daily
Jun 06, 2013
The National Security Agency is collecting telephone records for millions of Americans without informing the individuals involved. The shocking news has been revealed by ' Guardian ' whose journalists had access to a " Top Secret " court order, signed by Judge Roger Vinson, issued in April against Verizon . A copy of a secret order to obtain phone records for all Verizon customers was obtained, showing that the NSA was monitoring all incoming and outgoing calls made on that network.  The order obliges the Verizon Company to deliver the daily list of calls, " both within the Member States and between the United States and other countries ." The order was issued by the U.S. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court directs Verizon's Business Network Services Inc and Verizon Business Services units to hand over electronic data including all calling records on an " ongoing, daily basis " until the order expires on July 19, 2013.

Indian Government Wiretapping and started BlackBerry interception

Indian Government Wiretapping and started BlackBerry interception
Jan 05, 2013
According to a report, All major Indian telecom companies, including Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India and Tata Tele services, have agreed to share real-time interception of BlackBerry calls and data services on their networks with Security agencies to meet the December 31 deadline fixed by the Indian government . Research In Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of BlackBerry, has been directed to provide the resolution and web-browsing needs of the BlackBerry Internet Services. This is to be done in discussion with concerned service providers and law interception organisations. Earlier in 2011, the government set the deadline for RIM to come up with facilities for interception, or face closure of their operations in India. The security agencies in the country have been trying to get the company to install local servers so they could access and monitor the stream of messages going back and forth to implement better security in the country. The Ministry for Home Affairs ordered in

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