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Hacking Instagram Accounts using OAuth vulnerability

Hacking Instagram Accounts using OAuth vulnerability

May 02, 2013
' Nir Goldshlager ' known as Facebook hacker and founder of Break Security  , who reported many critical bugs in Facebook OAuth mechanism in past few months, today disclose a critical  vulnerability in Instagram Oauth that allow an attacker to hack any account. Succesful hack allows attacker to access private photos, ability to delete victim's photos and to edit comments and also the ability to post new photos. Hacker explained that there are two ways to hack Instagram accounts using OAuth, first via Hijack Instagram accounts using the Instagram OAuth or Hijack Instagram accounts using the Facebook OAuth Dialog. During his bug hunting Nir found loopholes in Instagram's security parameters i.e redirect_uri , that allows  attacker to pass the access token to his own domain with mx as suffix i.e code straight to breaksec.com.mx . POC :  https://instagram.com/oauth/authorize/?client_id=33221863eec546659f2564dd71a8a38d&redirect_uri=https://breaksec
Phishers hijacking Facebook Pages using apps

Phishers hijacking Facebook Pages using apps

Mar 08, 2013
Another phishing campaign come in action recently targeting Facebook accounts and company pages with millions of followers. Phishers continue to devise new fake apps for the purpose of harvesting confidential information. Not a new method, but very creative phishing example in Facebook hacking scene, where hacker host a phishing page on Facebook app sub domain itself. Designed very similar to Facebook Security team with title ' Facebook Page Verification ' and using Facebook Security Logo as shown in the screenshot posted above. Phishing app URL: https://apps.facebook.com/verify-pages/ Application hosted on:   https://talksms.co.uk/ The phishing page asking users to enter Page URL and Page Name that victim own and his Facebook login email ID with password. Once victim trapped in hacker web, the phisher records your information. Another interesting fact is that, the phishing domain https://talksms.co.uk/ is a HTTPS site with with verified SSL from GeoTrust
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