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Don't Fall For This Dangerously Convincing Ongoing Phishing Attack

Don't Fall For This Dangerously Convincing Ongoing Phishing Attack

Jan 16, 2017
Security researchers have discovered a new phishing campaign targeting Gmail users, which is so convincing and highly effective that even tech-savvy people can be tricked into giving away their Google credentials to hackers. The attackers first compromise a victim's Gmail account, and once they are in, they start rifling through inboxes to launch secondary attacks in order to pass on the attack. The hackers first look for an attachment that victims have previously sent to their contacts and a relevant subject from an actual sent email. Then the criminals will start gathering up contact email addresses, who become the new targets of the attackers. After finding one, the hackers create an image (screenshot) of that attachment and include it in reply to the sender with the same or similar subject for the email, invoking recognition and automatic trust. What makes this attack so effective is that the phishing emails come from someone the victim knows. This new Gmail phishi
US Intelligence Chief Hacked by the Teen Who Hacked CIA Director

US Intelligence Chief Hacked by the Teen Who Hacked CIA Director

Jan 13, 2016
Nation's Top Spy Chief Got Hacked! The same teenage hacker who broke into the AOL email inbox of CIA Director John Brennan last October has now claimed to have broken into personal email and phone accounts of the US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper . Clapper was targeted by the teenage hacker, who called himself Cracka and claimed to be a member of the hacker group Crackas with Attitude ( CWA ) that made headlines in October for hacking into CIA Director's email and accessing several online portals and tools used by US law enforcement agencies. Also Read: FBI Deputy Director's Email Hacked by Cracka with Attitude . Trove of Information Related to Top Spy Chief Hacked! Cracka told Motherboard that he had access to a series of accounts connected to Clapper, including: Home telephone account Internet accounts Personal email accounts His wife's Yahoo email The spokesperson for the Office of the Director of National Intel
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Released Emails Show 'Google in a Relationship With NSA'

Released Emails Show 'Google in a Relationship With NSA'

May 06, 2014
Edward Snowden 's leaks last year questioned the integrity of several big and reputed companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft that were found in relation with the NSA in its surveillance programs.  Thereafter they maintained distance with the Agency and claimed to be unaware of such government spying activities. Now, email exchanges between Google executives Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt and former NSA director Gen. Keith Alexander , obtained through the Freedom of Information Act that in real do not reveal anything ridiculously outrageous but suggest that the tech companies behind the services you use are very closely in relationship with the NSA and have worked with them over the years. The series of emails obtained by Al Jazeera clearly indicate that the relationship between Google and the National Security Agency (NSA) was far cozier than anyone thought. This revelation questions not only the reputation of the largest Internet giant, but also the privac
Exploiting Google persistent XSS vulnerability for phishing

Exploiting Google persistent XSS vulnerability for phishing

Nov 14, 2012
Yesterday we have reported that How Bug Bounty programs can play unfair with hackers and researchers, where hackers are submitting their legitimate findings to companies and no surprise if they are getting replies that " Someone else already reported this, you are not eligible for Bounty ". But the main issue is, if companies are really aware about the issue , then why they have not fixed it yet ?  Today we are going to Talk about Google, that How a ignored vulnerability can be brilliantly crafted and exploited by Hackers for phishing users. On 11th September this year, I have reported a persistent XSS vulnerability in Google and reply from Google Security Team was," It seems the XSS you reported actually executes on one of our sandboxed domains (googleusercontent.com). The sandboxed domain does not contain any session cookies for google services, nor does it have access to any Google.com data " I said its okay if they are sure about it that it
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