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Imgur—Popular Image Sharing Site Was Hacked In 2014; Passwords Compromised

Imgur—Popular Image Sharing Site Was Hacked In 2014; Passwords Compromised

Nov 25, 2017
Only after a few days of Uber admitting last year's data breach of 57 million customers , the popular image sharing site disclosed that it had suffered a major data breach in 2014 that compromised email addresses and passwords of 1.7 million user accounts. In a blog post published on Friday, Imgur claimed that the company had been notified of a three-year-old data breach on November 23 when a security researcher emailed the company after being sent the stolen data. Imgur Chief Operating Officer (COO) then alerted the company's founder and the Vice President of Engineering to the issue before began working to validate that the data belonged to Imgur users. After completing the data validation, the company confirmed Friday morning that the 2014 data breach impacted approximately 1.7 million Imgur user accounts (a small fraction of its 150 million user base) and that the compromised information included only email addresses and passwords. Since Imgur has never asked fo
Google to Introduce New Photo-Sharing Platform to Kill Instagram

Google to Introduce New Photo-Sharing Platform to Kill Instagram

May 21, 2015
Google is reportedly going to launch a new online photo-sharing service and storage option at its developer conference later this month, which Bloomberg says , will not be a part of its Google+ social network. At the moment, Google offers a photo sharing service known as " Google+ Photos ," which comes pre-installed with every Android device. Google+ Photos automatically backs up photos in the device to Google cloud storage. However, the new photo service will not be a part of Google+ network . It seems like the company's attempts to bolster its product lineup and compete with the increasingly popular rivals like Facebook or Twitter to grow its user base. Just the way like Facebook, who acquired the popular mobile photo-sharing service Instagram in 2012 and increased its user base to more than 300 Million users in one shot. There aren't many details about How the new Google photo service will work? Whether the online photo storage part of the service
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