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This 9-Course Bundle Can Take Your Cybersecurity Skills to the Next Level

This 9-Course Bundle Can Take Your Cybersecurity Skills to the Next Level

Oct 26, 2022
If you regularly read The Hacker News, there's a fair chance that you know something about  cybersecurity . It's possible to turn that interest into a six-figure career. But to make the leap, you need to pick up some key skills and professional certifications. Featuring nine in-depth courses,  The 2022 Masters in Cyber Security Certification Bundle  helps you get ready for the next step. And in a special reader offer, you can get lifetime access for only $39.99. Special Offer —  This bundle contains nine courses with a total value of $1,800. But for a limited time, you can  get lifetime on-demand access for only $39.99 . That is a massive 97% off MSRP! From penetration testing to  threat analysis , there are thousands of vacant roles in the cybersecurity industry right now. What's more, this trend is set to continue, with experts predicting a  12% growth  within the industry in the remainder of this decade. The really exciting part is that anyone can land a highly paid job within
Critical Bugs Found in 3 Popular e-Learning Plugins for WordPress Sites

Critical Bugs Found in 3 Popular e-Learning Plugins for WordPress Sites

Apr 30, 2020
Security researchers are sounding the alarm over newly discovered vulnerabilities in some popular online learning management system ( LMS ) plugins that various organizations and universities use to offer online training courses through their WordPress-based websites. According to the Check Point Research Team, the three WordPress plugins in question — LearnPress , LearnDash , and LifterLMS — have security flaws that could permit students, as well as unauthenticated users, to pilfer personal information of registered users and even attain teacher privileges. "Because of coronavirus, we're doing everything from our homes, including our formal learning," Check Point Research's Omri Herscovici said. "The vulnerabilities found allow students, and sometimes even unauthenticated users, to gain sensitive information or take control of the LMS platforms." The three LMS systems are installed on approximately 100,000 different educational platforms, includi
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Get 9 Popular Online Hacking Training Course Package for Just $49

Get 9 Popular Online Hacking Training Course Package for Just $49

Apr 13, 2017
Since the Internet is filled with hackers and cyber criminals keen on hacking networks for valuable information, ethical hackers are in huge demand and being hired by almost every industry to help them keep their networks protected. These ethical hackers, penetration testers, and information security analysts not only gain reputation in the IT industry but are also one of the most well-paid employees in the IT workforce today. But if you lack behind in this field, you required a good computer hacking course to sharpen up your knowledge. This week's THN Deals brings Become an Ethical Hacker Bonus Bundle that let you get started regardless of your tech background. This bundle will walk you through the very basic skills you need to start your journey towards becoming a professional ethical hacker. This package of 9-lifetime courses that includes total 340 in-depth lectures usually cost $681, but you can exclusively get this 9-in-1 online training course for just $49 (after 92
Social Engineering — Free Online Training for Hackers

Social Engineering — Free Online Training for Hackers

Oct 21, 2015
For most of us Hacking is Technological in Nature. But, we usually forget the most important element of hacking that makes a successful hack from 10% to over 90%... ... The Human Element . And here the Social Engineering comes in. Social Engineering deals with non-technical kind of intrusion and manipulation that relies heavily on human interaction rather than technology. Social Engineering is popular because the human element is frequently the weakest part of a system and most prone to mistakes. Most businesses and organizations spend a ton of money on the latest shiny technology that promises to fix their security issues while humans are giving hackers the easiest way to get in. Impact of Social Engineering  Social Engineering has been the primary cause of a number of the most high profile cyber-attacks in recent years. The impact of it on an organisation could result in economic loss, loss of Privacy, temporary or permanent Closure, loss of goodwill
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