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Optus Hack Exposes Data of Nearly 2.1 Million Australian Telecom Customers

Optus Hack Exposes Data of Nearly 2.1 Million Australian Telecom Customers

Oct 04, 2022
Australian telecom giant Optus on Monday confirmed that nearly 2.1 million of its current and former customers suffered a leak of their personal information and at least one form of identification number as a result of a  data breach  late last month. The company also  said  it has engaged the services of Deloitte to conduct an external forensic assessment of the attack to "understand how it occurred and how we can prevent it from occurring again." Optus is fully owned by Singaporean telecommunications conglomerate Singtel, which also has a significant stake in Bharti Airtel, the second largest carrier in India. "Approximately 1.2 million customers have had at least one number from a current and valid form of identification, and personal information, compromised," Singtel  said  in an announcement made on its website. It also said the breach affected expired IDs and personal information of about 900,000 additional customers. It further emphasized that the expo
Deloitte Hacked — Cyber Attack Exposes Clients' Emails

Deloitte Hacked — Cyber Attack Exposes Clients' Emails

Sep 25, 2017
Another day, another data breach. This time one of the world's "big four" accountancy firms has fallen victim to a sophisticated cyber attack. Global tax and auditing firm Deloitte has confirmed the company had suffered a cyber attack that resulted in the theft of confidential information, including the private emails and documents of some of its clients. Deloitte is one of the largest private accounting firms in the U.S. which offers tax, auditing, operations consulting, cybersecurity advisory, and merger and acquisition assistance services to large banks, government agencies and large Fortune 500 multinationals, among others. The global accountancy firm said Monday that its system had been accessed via an email platform from October last year through this past March and that "very few" of its clients had been affected, the Guardian reports . The firm discovered the cyber attack in March, but it believes the unknown attackers may have had access to i
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