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Get Lifetime Access to 1000+ Premium Online Training Courses for Just $59

Get Lifetime Access to 1000+ Premium Online Training Courses for Just $59

Aug 25, 2020
"In today's knowledge economy, continual learning is an imperative." — Those words from Aytekin Tank, the founder of JotForm, are particularly important for anyone working in IT or development. With over 1,000 premium courses ( complete list ) from top instructors, StackSkills Unlimited provides endless learning opportunities. Right now, you can grab lifetime membership for $59 . Categories of courses include: Animation and 3D Audio Bundles Business Applications CAD Databases Game Design and Development Graphics and Page Layout Internet and Web Design Multimedia and Video Networking and Security Operating Systems Programming, and Project Management Wondering what these courses cover? Here are five top skills: Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Finding the weaknesses in software, websites, and networks is an important task. For this reason, white hat hackers are in demand, with top pros earning over $100k a year. StackSkills Unlimite
CompTIA Certification Prep Courses – Get Lifetime Access @ 98% Discount

CompTIA Certification Prep Courses – Get Lifetime Access @ 98% Discount

Jul 14, 2020
In the world of professional IT, recruiters look for certificates as an important criterion for eligibility and assessing skills. Any IT professional with résumé that includes CompTIA certificates tends to rise up the pile. Of course, there are many different CompTIA exams you can choose from based on your interest and already chosen path. Our educational and industry partners have introduced " Complete 2020 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle ," aiming to help cybersecurity aspirants prepare for the big ones, with 14 courses covering A+, Security+, Network+, and more. The original fees for all these certification preparation courses are worth nearly $3,486 when subscribed directly through the instructor's platform. However, the great news is that The Hacker News has now partnered with these leading instructors to offer the same training bundle for only $89 to its readers with lifetime access. Special Offer — For a limited time, this bundle's one-time
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Streamline your zero-trust access journey with three simple steps for high-risk, remote, and hybrid users.
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