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Use This Ultimate Template to Plan and Monitor Your Cybersecurity Budgets

Use This Ultimate Template to Plan and Monitor Your Cybersecurity Budgets

Nov 18, 2020
Sound security budget planning and execution are essential for CIO's/CISO's success. Now, for the first time, the Ultimate Security Budget Plan and Track Excel template ( download here ) provide security executives a clear and intuitive tool to keep track of planned vs. actual spend, ensuring that security needs are addressed while maintaining the budgetary frame. The dynamic nature of the threat landscape and the possibility of the organization being subject to a critical attack, make an unexpected investment in additional products, staff, or services a highly likely scenario that should be considered. Integrating this factor within the initial planning is a challenge for many CISOs encounters. The Ultimate Security Budget Plan & Track template is an excel spreadsheet that comes pre-packaged with the required formulas to continuously measure, every month, the planned and actual security investments, providing immediate visibility into any mismatch between the tw
Webinar: How MSSPs Can Overcome Coronavirus Quarantine Challenges

Webinar: How MSSPs Can Overcome Coronavirus Quarantine Challenges

Apr 14, 2020
The Coronavirus quarantine introduces an extreme challenge for IT and Security teams to maintain secure environments during the mass transition of employees working remotely and the surge in cyberattacks targeting its inherent security weaknesses. In a webinar for security service providers taking place on April 22nd ( register here ), a leading MSSP will share how they conquer and overcome the coronavirus quarantine challenges to grow their customer base. The webinar sheds light on the opportunities and challenges this new reality introduces to MSSPs from the perspective of a leading Canadian MSSP. While it might sound strange to discuss the opportunities Coronavirus brings, especially with the changes it imposes on the IT environment, but it does bring a shift in priorities. It turns out that cyber threats that were normally considered a reasonable risk to contain, suddenly become regarded as a critical need to address. Thus, organizations that did not have advanced threat
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