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Wi-Fi Signal Interference Can Leak Your Passwords and Keystrokes

Wi-Fi Signal Interference Can Leak Your Passwords and Keystrokes

November 14, 2016Swati Khandelwal
Hackers can steal your sensitive information, such as your Passwords, PINs and Keystrokes, from your phone by observing changes in the wireless signal as you enter them into your smartphones. A group of researchers from the Shanghai Jaio Tong University, the University of South Florida and the University of Massachusetts at Boston have demonstrated a new technique that can reveal private information by analyzing the radio signal Interference, using just one rogue WiFi hotspot. Dubbed WindTalker, the attack sniffs a user's fingers movement on the phone's touchscreen or a computer's keyboard by reading the radio signal patterns called Channel State Information (CSI). CSI is part of the WiFi protocol which provides general information about the status of the WiFi signal. " WindTalker is motivated from the observation that keystrokes on mobile devices will lead to different hand coverage and the finger motions, which will introduce a unique interference to the mult
Google WiFi Router — Combine Multiple Routers to Boost WiFi Signal

Google WiFi Router — Combine Multiple Routers to Boost WiFi Signal

September 24, 2016Swati Khandelwal
Can you rely on a single loudspeaker in your living room for great sound throughout your home? Nah! In the same way, you can not expect a single WiFi router to provide stable range throughout your home. To solve this issue, Google will soon power your home's wireless internet network with its own-brand new WiFi router called Google WiFi , according to a new report. Google is set to launch a lot of new gadgets at its hardware event on October 4 including the new Pixel smartphones, Google Home, the refreshed 4K-capable Chromecast rumored to be called Chromecast Ultra and the new Google WiFi router. But the Google WiFi router might be the biggest surprise of the bunch. Google WiFi is said to be designed in such a way that it can be deployed in groups to create a mesh network so that multiple units can be linked together, similar to Eero's incredible router, according to a report from Android Police. With Google WiFi, you simply need to plug one device into your
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