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First Tor-Based Android Malware Spotted in the Wild

First Tor-Based Android Malware Spotted in the Wild

Feb 25, 2014
We use our Smartphone devices to do almost everything, from Internet Banking to Sharing private files and at the same pace, the mobile malware sector is also growing. The number of variants of malicious software aimed at mobile devices has reportedly risen about 185% in less than a year.  Security researchers have observed a growth in the numbers of computer malware families starting to use TOR-based communications, but recently the Security Researchers at anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab have spotted  the world's first Tor-Based Malware for Android Operating system. The Android Malware dubbed as ' Backdoor. AndroidOS .Torec.a ', using Tor hidden service protocol for stealth communication with Command-and-Control servers. Researchers detected that the Trojan is running from .Onion Tor domain and working on the functionality of an open source Tor client for Android mobile devices, called ' Orbot ', thus eliminating the threat of the botnet being de
FBI Used Firefox Exploit to Shutdown Illegal Site Running on Tor Network

FBI Used Firefox Exploit to Shutdown Illegal Site Running on Tor Network

Aug 05, 2013
TOR is the dark side of the Internet, the so-called dark web, which provides a safe haven to privacy advocates but is also where drugs, assassins for hire and other weird and illegal activities can allegedly be traded. A claimed zero-day vulnerability in Firefox 17 was used by the FBI to identify some users of the privacy-protecting Tor anonymity network. The FBI did not compromise the TOR network itself and The complex multi-layers of encryption still stand. Instead the FBI compromised the TOR browser only using a zero-day JavaScript exploit and used this to implant a cookie which fingerprinted users through a specific external server. Eric Eoin Marques , 28 year-old man in Ireland believed to be behind Freedom Hosting , the biggest service provider for sites on the encrypted Tor network , is awaiting extradition on p*rno charges. It is understood the FBI had spent a year trying to locate Mr Marques. Marques was arrested on a Maryland warrant that includes charges
Police in Japan ask ISPs to start blocking Tor network

Police in Japan ask ISPs to start blocking Tor network

Apr 22, 2013
Tor is a web service that allows users to surf the Internet, use IM, and other services while keeping themselves completely anonymous, but  Japan's National Police Agency wants ISPs to block access to Tor if users are found to have abused it. The push by Japanese authorities is because they're worried about an inability to tackle cyber crime enabled in part by anonymizing services such as Tor.  Japanese police is having a hard time when it comes to crimes in the cyberspace. Just last year a hacker, going by the name Demon Killer, took remote control of systems across the country and posted death threats on public message boards. The panel claimed it has been used in the past to commit internet fraud, help paedophiles groom kids online and, tellingly, enabled leaks from Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department. Tor has proven to be an invaluable tool for pro-democracy campaigners in the Middle East while censorious regimes such as the Chinese authorities have atte
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A SaaS Security Challenge: Getting Permissions All in One Place

A SaaS Security Challenge: Getting Permissions All in One Place 

May 08, 2024Attack Surface / SaaS Security
Permissions in SaaS platforms like Salesforce, Workday, and Microsoft 365 are remarkably precise. They spell out exactly which users have access to which data sets. The terminology differs between apps, but each user's base permission is determined by their role, while additional permissions may be granted based on tasks or projects they are involved with. Layered on top of that are custom permissions required by an individual user.  For example, look at a sales rep who is involved in a tiger team investigating churn while also training two new employees. The sales rep's role would grant her one set of permissions to access prospect data, while the tiger team project would grant access to existing customer data. Meanwhile, special permissions are set up, providing the sales rep with visibility into the accounts of the two new employees. While these permissions are precise, however, they are also very complex. Application admins don't have a single screen within these applications th
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