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How to Manage Android App Permissions to Protect Your Privacy

How to Manage Android App Permissions to Protect Your Privacy

Jun 22, 2015
Do you actually read the list of permissions that Android apps are asking for before you install them? I know most of us treat those permissions like terms and conditions, blindly tapping our way through. But if you actually do, you would be aware of their reach. Some of your apps can make phone calls Some can track your location Some can read your browsing history, contacts, SMS, photos, calendar And… Even share this personal information with third parties without your knowledge. But, do they need all those permissions? No doubt, Google's Android mobile operating system has a powerful app permission system that forces app developers to mention the exact permissions they require. But, there is one major issue for Android users: By default, it is a Take-it-or-Leave-it situation, which means you can choose to install the app, granting all those permissions or simply, not install it. It appears like every app developer wants access to much of my phon
Why We Love Android M (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Android M (And You Should, Too!)

Jun 11, 2015
Google has recently announced its latest version of the mobile operating system called Android M at its official Google I/O 2015 developer event May 28 in San Francisco. We don't know exactly what is the ' M ' stands for just yet. My guess is it could be Marzipan or maybe Milky Way. Let me know what you guys think, so write me your guesses down below in the comments. Android M is not going to be an immense move in look or architecture like Android Lollipop , but it is bringing some eye-catching upgrades that you are going to love. However, after a Google I/O event and having the Developer Preview of Android M and installing it in my Nexus 6, I have got a pretty good idea what I think are the top 10 Best New Features of Android M. PRIVACY AND APP CONTROL 1. Powerful App Permissions Manager: The biggest change that Google's Android M will bring is a granular permissions system, somewhat similar to what Apple has. Currently, Android app permissions
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