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Uh oh, Yahoo! Data Breach May Have Hit Over 1 Billion Users

Uh oh, Yahoo! Data Breach May Have Hit Over 1 Billion Users

Oct 01, 2016
The massive data breach that Yahoo! confirmed to the world last week is claimed by the company to have been carried out by a "state-sponsored actor" in 2014, which exposed the accounts of at least 500 Million Yahoo users . But, now it seems that Yahoo has downplayed a mega data breach and trying to hide it's own security blunder. Recently the information security firm InfoArmor that analyzed the data breach refuted the Yahoo's claim, stating that the data breach was the work of seasoned cyber criminals who later sold the compromised Yahoo accounts to an Eastern European nation-state. Over 1 Billion Accounts May Have Been Hacked Now, there's one more twist in the unprecedented data heist. A recent advancement in the report indicates that the number of affected Yahoo accounts may be between 1 Billion and 3 Billion. An unnamed, former Yahoo executive who is familiar with the company's security says that the Yahoo's back-end system's arch
SQL Injection Vulnerability in 'Yahoo! Contributors Network'

SQL Injection Vulnerability in 'Yahoo! Contributors Network'

Oct 09, 2014
Yahoo! Contributors Network ( contributor.yahoo.com ), the network of authors that generated the contents such as photographs, videos, articles and their knowledge to more than 600 million monthly visitors, was vulnerable to a Time based Blind SQL Injection vulnerability. Behrouz Sadeghipour, a security researcher reported the Blind SQLi vulnerability in Yahoo! 's website that could be exploited by hackers to steal users' and authors' database, containing their personal information. Behrouz reported this flaw to Yahoo! Security team few months back. The team responded positively and within a month they patched the vulnerability successfully. Unfortunately after that Yahoo! announced to shut down ' Yahoo Contributors Network ' due to its decreasing popularity and removed all the contents from the web, except some of the "work for hire" content may remain on the web. The critical vulnerability was able to expose the database which carried sensitive and personal inform
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