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nCircle patches PureCloud vulnerability scanner on Vulnerability-Lab report

nCircle patches PureCloud vulnerability scanner on Vulnerability-Lab report

January 29, 2013Mohit Kumar
The Vulnerability-Laboratory Research Team discovered persistent and client side POST Injection web vulnerability in the nCircle PureCloud (cloud-based) Vulnerability Scanner Application. The vulnerability allows an attacker to inject own malicious script code in the vulnerable module on application side. Benjamin K.M. from Vulnerability-Laboratory provide more technical details about these flaws, the first vulnerability is located in the Scan Now > Scan Type > Perimeter Scan > Scan section when processing to request via the ` Scan Specific Devices - [Add Devices] ` module and the bound vulnerable formErrorContent exception-handling application parameters. The persistent injected script code will be executed out of the `invalid networks` web application exception-handling. To bypass the standard validation of the application filter the attacker need to provoke the specific invalid networks exception-handling error. In the second step the attacker spli
5 Checks You Must Run To Ensure Your Network Is Secure

5 Checks You Must Run To Ensure Your Network Is Secure

January 10, 2013Wang Wei
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days each year – it's happening. Whether you are awake or asleep, in a meeting or on vacation, they are out there probing your network, looking for a way in. A way to exploit you; a way to steal your data, a place to store illegal content, a website they can deface, or any of a hundred other ways to mess with you for the simple joy of it all. And they can do this with relative ease, even in an automated fashion, with simple tools that are readily available to all. I'm talking about network scanners. The bad guys use them all day every day to assess networks around the world because a network scanner is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to find the cracks in your armor. If you want to see your network the same way an attacker would, then you want to use a network scanner. Network scanners perform automated tests of systems over the network. They don't require agents or any other software to be installed on the "target"
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