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Void Balaur Hackers-for-Hire Targeting Russian Businesses and Politics Entities

Void Balaur Hackers-for-Hire Targeting Russian Businesses and Politics Entities

Sep 23, 2022
A hack-for-hire group that was  first exposed in 2019  has expanded its focus to set its sights on entities with business or political ties to Russia. Dubbed Void Balaur , the cyber mercenary collective has a history of launching cyberattacks against biotechnology and telecom companies since 2015. As many as 3,500 victims have been reported as of November 2021. "Void Balaur [...] primarily dabbles in cyber espionage and data theft, selling the stolen information to anyone willing to pay," Trend Micro  noted  at the time. Attacks conducted by the group are typically both generic and opportunistic and are aimed at gaining unauthorized access to widely-used email services, social media, messaging, and corporate accounts. Earlier this June, Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) took the wraps off a set of  credential theft attacks  targeting journalists, European politicians, and non-profit's mounted by the threat actor. "Void Balaur also goes after targets va
Researchers Uncover Hacker-for-Hire Group That's Active Since 2015

Researchers Uncover Hacker-for-Hire Group That's Active Since 2015

Nov 11, 2021
A new cyber mercenary hacker-for-hire group dubbed " Void Balaur " has been linked to a string of cyberespionage and data theft activities targeting thousands of entities as well as human rights activists, politicians, and government officials around the world at least since 2015 for financial gain while lurking in the shadows. Named after a  many-headed dragon  from Romanian folklore, the adversary has been unmasked advertising its services in Russian-speaking underground forums dating all the way back to 2017 and selling troves of sensitive information such as cell tower phone logs, passenger flight records, credit reports, banking data, SMS messages, and passport details. The threat actor calls itself "Rockethack." "This hacker-for-hire group does not operate out of a physical building, nor does it have a shiny prospectus that describes its services," Trend Micro researcher Feike Hacquebord  said  in a newly published profile of the collective. &qu
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