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India temporarily Bans Facebook's Free Internet Service

India temporarily Bans Facebook's Free Internet Service

December 24, 2015Swati Khandelwal
Facebook's Free Internet access to India has hit a hurdle: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ( TRAI ) has ordered the mobile carrier to temporary suspend the Facebook's Free Basics Internet program. Facebook's Free Basics is an app that allows users to access certain Internet websites, including Facebook, for free. However, India's independent regulatory body has asked Reliance Communications – the only mobile carrier that provides Free Basics in India – to disable the free internet service temporarily while the regulator investigates whether the service violates net neutrality . Facebook's Free Basics – Free Internet for ALL Facebook introduced Free Basics ( then known as ) app to India in February this year, offering people access to more than three dozen Web services for free. Users of Facebook's Free Basics app must have a Reliance mobile network and are limited to a range of portals including Wikipedia, BBC New
TRAI leaked Over Million Email Addresses; Anonymous India takes Revenge

TRAI leaked Over Million Email Addresses; Anonymous India takes Revenge

April 27, 2015Swati Khandelwal
The official website of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has been allegedly hacked just hours after the site exposed more than 1 Million email addresses of users who spoke in support of Net Neutrality. A hackers collective, calls itself AnonOpsIndia , has claimed responsibility for the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against the TRAI official website and bringing the site down. Few hours ago, a Twitter account linked to AnonOpsIndia tweeted about the took down of the website through DDoS attack. Over a month ago, TRAI released a consultation paper with 20 questions to be answered by citizens of India via an e-mail by April 24, in order to hear their opinion on Net Neutrality. TRAI was planning to allow telecom operators like Vodafone and Airtel to block websites and applications just to extort more money from businesses as well as consumers, which is nothing but an extreme violation of Net Neutrality . However, when eve
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