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SUPRA Smart TV Flaw Lets Attackers Hijack Screens With Any Video

SUPRA Smart TV Flaw Lets Attackers Hijack Screens With Any Video

Jun 03, 2019
I have said it before, and I will say it again — Smart devices are one of the dumbest technologies, so far, when it comes to protecting users' privacy and security. As more and more smart devices are being sold worldwide, consumers should be aware of security and privacy risks associated with the so-called intelligent devices. When it comes to internet-connected devices, smart TVs are the ones that have highly-evolved, giving consumers a lot of options to enjoy streaming, browsing the Internet, gaming, and saving files on the Cloud—technically allowing you to do everything on it as a full-fledged PC. Apparently, in the past few years we have reported how Smart TVs can be used to spy on end users without their explicit consent, how remote hackers can even take full control over a majority of Smart TVs without having any physical access to them, and how flaws in Smart TVs allowed hackers to hijack TV screen . Now most recently, Smart TVs selling under SUPRA brand-name h
Over 85% Of Smart TVs Can Be Hacked Remotely Using Broadcasting Signals

Over 85% Of Smart TVs Can Be Hacked Remotely Using Broadcasting Signals

Apr 01, 2017
The Internet-connected devices are growing at an exponential rate, and so are threats to them. Due to the insecure implementation, a majority of Internet-connected embedded devices, including Smart TVs, Refrigerators, Microwaves, Security Cameras, and printers, are routinely being hacked and used as weapons in cyber attacks. We have seen IoT botnets like Mirai – possibly the biggest IoT-based malware threat that emerged late last year and caused vast internet outage by launching massive DDoS attacks against DynDNS provider – which proves how easy it is to hack these connected devices. Now, a security researcher is warning of another IoT threat involving Smart TVs that could allow hackers to take complete control of a wide range of Smart TVs at once without having any physical access to any of them. Researcher Shows Live Hacking Demonstration   The proof-of-concept exploit for the attack, developed by Rafael Scheel of cyber security firm Oneconsult, uses a low-cost tra
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Android Ransomware now targets your Smart TV, Too!

Android Ransomware now targets your Smart TV, Too!

Jun 15, 2016
Do you own a Smartwatch, Smart TV, Smart fridge, or any Internet-connected smart device? If your answer is yes, then you need to know the latest interest of the cyber criminals in the field of Internet of Things. Ransomware! After targeting hospitals, universities, and businesses, Ransomware has started popping up on Smart TV screens. A new version of the Frantic Locker (better known as FLocker ) Ransomware has now the ability to infect and lock down your Smart TVs until you pay up the ransom. Researchers at Trend Micro have discovered the updated version of FLocker that is capable of locking Android smartphones as well as Smart TVs . Originally launched in May 2015, the FLocker ransomware initially targeted Android smartphones with its developers constantly updating the ransomware and adding support for new Android system changes. Here's what the new version of FLocker does to your Android-powered Smart TVs: FLocker locks the device's screen. Displays a
Google’s $85 Chromebit Lets You Turn Any Monitor or TV into a Computer

Google's $85 Chromebit Lets You Turn Any Monitor or TV into a Computer

Nov 18, 2015
Google and Asus are finally ready to release their new micro Chrome OS computer called the Chromebit — that retails at a great price, just $85. That is quite cheap for what is essentially a portable computer that you can take anywhere in your pocket. Also Read:   CHIP — The World's First $9 Computer . Announced back in March, the Chromebit is a fully featured Computer-on-a-Stick that plugs into TV or any screen and turns it into what Google calls a " full-fledged Chrome OS-based computer. " All you need to do is: Plug the Chromebit into any HDMI port Hook up the power cable, a Bluetooth keyboard and a mouse Your instant computer is ready It has a smarter clinch on the business end so that you can easily plug the Chromebit into practically any HDMI port without the need for any extension cable. Also Read:   Mouse Box — An Entire Computer inside a Mouse . Despite its low price of just $85, the Chromebit offers you a complete Chrome OS experience,
Samsung Admits Its Smart TV Is Spying On You

Samsung Admits Its Smart TV Is Spying On You

Feb 09, 2015
Is Your Smart TV Spying On You?  You just need to make sure you don't hold any private conversations in front of the internet-connected TV. IS SMART TV GETTING TOO SMART? Smart TVs are connected to the Internet, and they are capable of collecting and transmitting our data. Samsung's Smart TV uses voice recognition technology to enable voice commands, but its privacy policy defined by the company says " if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be captured and transmitted to a third party. " In other words, Samsung's Voice Recognition feature is always listening you, unless you deactivate it. So these internet-enabled smart devices can be exploited to reveal a wealth of personal. " In addition, Samsung may collect and your device may capture voice commands and associated texts so that we can provide you with Voice Recognition features and evaluate and improve the features. " Samsung S
Desktop Viruses Coming to Your TV and Connected Home Appliances

Desktop Viruses Coming to Your TV and Connected Home Appliances

Apr 23, 2014
Smart Devices are growing at an exponential rate and so are the threats to them. After your Computers, Servers, Routers , Mobiles and Tablets, now hackers are targeting your Smart TVs, warns Eugene Kaspersky the co-founder and chief executive of Kaspersky Lab. As the increase in the manufactures of Smart TVs by different companies, it could be estimated that by 2016, over 100 million TVs are expected to be connected to the Internet and in the time it may rise as a profitable fruit for the malware authors and cyber criminals to exploit these devices. The 48 year-old Eugene Kaspersky , one of the world's top technology security experts, has thrown light on the future of Computer Security and warned that  Internet of Things (IoT) such as TVs, Refrigerators, Microwave or dishwashers will necessarily bring undesirable cyber threats to your home environment, because any device connected to the Internet is vulnerable and can be infected. " The threats will dive
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