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This Computer Chip Self-Destructs in 10 Seconds (On Command) to keep Secrets Safe

This Computer Chip Self-Destructs in 10 Seconds (On Command) to keep Secrets Safe

Sep 16, 2015
The Secret Messages are often designed to be destroyed without a trace. In Spy thriller movie " Mission Impossible ", every time Tom Cruise receives a secret message, the last words state - " This Tape message will self-destruct in 5 seconds "...and BOOM ! There's a sudden explosion, and smoke comes out of the device; containing sensitive information few seconds ago. This Self-destructing thing has become a reality now. Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated (PARC) a Xerox company, involved in R&D in IT and hardware has under Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA'S) Vanishing Programmable Resources (VAPR) achieved success in developing Self-Destructing computer chips capable of destruction in 10 seconds. The phenomenon is quite familiar….isn't it? Now, with DARPA's initiative this is soon going to become a reality intended mainly for the military personnel. With the idea of- "Protection of data that once existed." PARC showcased thi
IBM developing Self-Destructing Microchips for US Defense

IBM developing Self-Destructing Microchips for US Defense

Feb 07, 2014
Science Fiction Movies always show the possible direction of the development of technology and gives us the opportunity to think about it. The U.S. Government is also trying to develop such technology that was introduced in movies like Star Trek and TERMINATOR i.e. Self destructing Network of computers, Sensors and other devices. The agency of the United States Department of Defense which is responsible for funding the development of many technologies, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has handed over a contract to IBM for creating a microchip that will self-destruct remotely. The project announced a year back, known as Vanishing Programmable Resources ( VAPR ) , which is dedicated to developing a CMOS microchip that self-destructs when it receives a certain frequency of radio signal from military command, in order to fully destroy it and preventing it from being used by the enemy. The U.S. Military uses all kinds of embedded systems and there are obvio
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