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Critical Gems Takeover Bug Reported in RubyGems Package Manager

Critical Gems Takeover Bug Reported in RubyGems Package Manager

May 09, 2022Ravie Lakshmanan
The maintainers of the RubyGems package manager have addressed a critical security flaw that could have been abused to remove gems and replace them with rogue versions under specific circumstances. "Due to a bug in the yank action, it was possible for any user to remove and replace certain gems even if that user was not authorized to do so," RubyGems  said  in a security advisory published on May 6, 2022. RubyGems, like npm for JavaScript and pip for Python, is a  package manager  and a gem hosting service for the Ruby programming language, offering a repository of more than 171,500 libraries. In a nutshell, the flaw in question, tracked as CVE-2022-29176, enabled anyone to pull certain gems and upload different files with the same name, same version number, and different platforms. For this to happen, however, a gem needed to have one or more dashes in its name, where the word before the dash was the name of an attacker-controlled gem, and which was create
Over 700 Malicious Typosquatted Libraries Found On RubyGems Repository

Over 700 Malicious Typosquatted Libraries Found On RubyGems Repository

April 16, 2020Ravie Lakshmanan
As developers increasingly embrace off-the-shelf software components into their apps and services, threat actors are abusing open-source repositories such as RubyGems to distribute malicious packages, intended to compromise their computers or backdoor software projects they work on. In the latest research shared with The Hacker News, cybersecurity experts at ReversingLabs revealed over 700 malicious gems — packages written in Ruby programming language — that supply chain attackers were caught recently distributing through the RubyGems repository. The malicious campaign leveraged the typosquatting technique where attackers uploaded intentionally misspelled legitimate packages in hopes that unwitting developers will mistype the name and unintentionally install the malicious library instead. ReversingLabs said the typosquatted packages in question were uploaded to RubyGems between February 16 and February 25, and that most of them have been designed to secretly steal funds by r
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