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Microsoft Edge's InPrivate Mode Finally Keeps Your Activity Private

Microsoft Edge's InPrivate Mode Finally Keeps Your Activity Private

Feb 12, 2016
Browsing the Web in ' Private Mode ' is not as private as you think. Microsoft has patched the Private Browsing Leakage bug in its newest Edge browser with the latest update . When we talk about Browsers, only one thing which does not strike our mind is Internet Explorer or IE. Even there were some trolls on Internet Explorer (IE) waving over the social medias such as "The best web browser to download other browsers." In fact, it was justified as everyone downloads a new browser with IE in their newly installed Operating System. Due to the continual taunts, Microsoft had scrapped the entire IE and made a new browser called " Edge Browser " (Codenamed "Spartan"). Edge was shipped as the default browser (along with IE) with Windows 10 devices and grabbed the attention of many eye pupils as it included all the features that other mainstream browsers have. Well, History Repeats Itself In January this year, it was
Earn up to $15,000 for Hacking Microsoft Spartan Browser

Earn up to $15,000 for Hacking Microsoft Spartan Browser

Apr 23, 2015
If you're a bug hunter and love playing with codes than you could grab as much as US$15,000 from Microsoft for finding out vulnerabilities in its latest Project Spartan browser . Yes, $15,000! It seems like Redmond don't want to take a chance to let hackers and cyber criminals get their hands on the company's latest Windows 10 operating system. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced that the company will be expanding its bug bounty program ahead of the release of Windows 10, which will include a two-month hunt for vulnerabilities in its new web browser, Project Spartan. So, it's time for security researchers and hackers to earn extra cash from Microsoft. For those who are unaware… What's Project Spartan? Project Spartan is Microsoft's project for its new web browser to replace the oldest Internet Explorer from its Windows operating system. Though the project is still very much under the developmental stage, Microsoft is making every effort to make Spartan
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