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CryptorBit Ransomware that scam for Ransom money with fake Decryption Keys

CryptorBit Ransomware that scam for Ransom money with fake Decryption Keys

Jan 28, 2014
We are continuously keeping our eye on new variants of the widely spread Ransomware family like Cryptolocker , Prison Locker, Copycat and Locker which encrypts your files and ask for a random amount to decrypt it.  If infected by such malware, to be very honest, there is no hope for recovering your documents without paying a ransom amount to the cyber criminals. Online users are now facing another similar ransomware called ' CryptorBit ', ( Virustotal report ) first spotted on September 2013. It is not a variant of Cryptolocker but it does exactly the same thing i.e. Encrypt all the files on the Hard Disk. CryptorBit is an infection that activates by clicking links in a spam message or malicious email, or websites while browsing the web, or by opening an attachment in an email from a malicious source. Once your system gets infected by the CryptorBit, it will encrypt your files and hold them until a ransom of $50 - $500 or more is not paid. It will display
Prison Locker Ransomware, an upcoming malware threat in 2014

Prison Locker Ransomware, an upcoming malware threat in 2014

Jan 04, 2014
Ransomware is one of the most blatant and obvious criminal's money making schemes out there. Ransomware malware was mostly known by the people when Cryptolocker comes into play. At the time when readers were getting aware of ransomware, Cryptolocker threat had touched the peak and other money motivated cyber criminals have started developing their own Cryptolocker versions. Two hackers going by the name of ' gyx ' and ' Porphyry ' (admin of maldev.net hacking forum) are advertizing a new ramsomware malware tool-kit called "Prison Locker" on various hacking forums with tutorials. They have developed the Prison Locker a.k.a Power Locker ramsomware toolkit in C/C++ programming language, proving a GUI version with customizable features for customers. The Ransomware is using BlowFish encryption to encrypt all available files on the victim's hard disk and shared drives except . exe , . dll , . sys , other system files. During encryption it will ge
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