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Everything you need to know to create a Vulnerability Assessment Report

Everything you need to know to create a Vulnerability Assessment Report

Apr 28, 2022
You've been asked for a Vulnerability Assessment Report for your organisation and for some of you reading this article, your first thought is likely to be "What is that?" Worry not. This article will answer that very question as well as why you need a Vulnerability Assessment Report and where you can get one from.  As it's likely the request for such a report came from an important source such as the Board, a partner, a client or an auditor, there isn't a moment to waste. So let's drive straight in. What is a Vulnerability Assessment Report and why do you need one? A Vulnerability Assessment Report is simply a document that illustrates how you are managing your organisation's vulnerabilities. It's important because, with tens of thousands of new technology flaws being discovered every year, you need to be able to prove that your organisation does its best to avoid attack if you want to be trusted by partners and customers.  A best security practi
Before and After a Pen Test: Steps to Get Through It

Before and After a Pen Test: Steps to Get Through It

Oct 21, 2021
An effective cybersecurity strategy can be challenging to implement correctly and often involves many layers of security. Part of a robust security strategy involves performing what is known as a penetration test (pen test). The penetration test helps to discover vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your security defenses before the bad guys discover these. They can also help validate remedial efforts and solutions put in place to overcome previously discovered security vulnerabilities.  Let's look more closely at the pen test. What is included in a penetration test? How are they performed, and by whom? What steps should be taken after a penetration test? What is a penetration test? 1 — Simulated cyberattack A penetration test is, for all practical purposes, a simulated cyberattack on your business. However, it is carried out by the "good guys." An outside resource often conducts a penetration test, whether a third-party security consulting company or another security entity. Securit
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Guide: How to Minimize Third-Party Risk With Vendor Management

websitewww.vanta.comVendor Risk Management
Manage third-party risk while dealing with challenges like limited resources and repetitive manual processes.
AI Solutions Are the New Shadow IT

AI Solutions Are the New Shadow IT

Nov 22, 2023AI Security / SaaS Security
Ambitious Employees Tout New AI Tools, Ignore Serious SaaS Security Risks Like the  SaaS shadow IT  of the past, AI is placing CISOs and cybersecurity teams in a tough but familiar spot.  Employees are covertly using AI  with little regard for established IT and cybersecurity review procedures. Considering  ChatGPT's meteoric rise to 100 million users within 60 days of launch , especially with little sales and marketing fanfare, employee-driven demand for AI tools will only escalate.  As new studies show  some workers boost productivity by 40% using generative AI , the pressure for CISOs and their teams to fast-track AI adoption — and turn a blind eye to unsanctioned AI tool usage — is intensifying.  But succumbing to these pressures can introduce serious SaaS data leakage and breach risks, particularly as employees flock to AI tools developed by small businesses, solopreneurs, and indie developers. AI Security Guide Download AppOmni's CISO Guide to AI Security - Part 1 AI evoke
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