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Godzilla Hacker Takes Down Several Pakistani Government Websites

Godzilla Hacker Takes Down Several Pakistani Government Websites

Aug 02, 2014
While the rest of the world was engaged in cyber security and privacy, an Indian patriotic hacker targeted 43 major Pakistani Government official websites, including 'President of Pakistan', 'Government of Pakistan', 'Ministry of Defence' , and whole Ministry of Pakistan . Indian hacker Godzilla claimed responsibility to hack into one of the main proxy server of the Pakistan Government, which is being used to manage all the government websites. Once the hacker gained the access to the proxy server, he managed to take down those websites. The attack on the websites are supposed to be severe as it has been over 24 hours and the websites are still down at the time of writing. The hacker posted a message on his Facebook profile saying, " Poor Pakistan no matter how hard you try we can bypass those security anytime we want. Before making a statement in media against India think twice. " Godzilla aka G.O.D is the same hacker who launched a cyber attack last year on a number of ser
First Large Cyber Espionage Activity against Pakistan Emanating From India

First Large Cyber Espionage Activity against Pakistan Emanating From India

May 20, 2013
Cyber Security researchers have discovered a family of information stealing malware targeting Pakistan that originates out of India.  Norman Shark, the global security leader in malware analysis solutions for enterprises, service providers and government, today released a report detailing a large and sophisticated cyber-attack infrastructure that appears to have originated from India. The attacks, conducted by private threat actors over a period of three years and still ongoing, showed no evidence of state sponsorship but the primary purpose of the global command-and-control network appears to be intelligence gathering from a combination of national security targets and private sector companies. Attackers used known vulnerabilities in Microsoft software, chucking malware dubbed HangOver onto target machines, most of which were based in Pakistan, where 511 infections associated with the campaign were detected. HangOver installs keyloggers , takes screenshots and rec
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Pakistan Government servers messed up after security breach

Pakistan Government servers messed up after security breach

Mar 11, 2013
Today a cyber attack on Pakistan Government servers crash many Government departments's official websites including Ministry of Information Technology, Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Economic Affairs & Statistics, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environment and many more. Indian Hacker ' Godzilla ' continue to strike Pakistan Government because of their support to terrorism activities. Hacker said," all network owned including switches because they deserve it, I have not touched any innocent website because target is only Government " While Pakistani official are already aware about the risk from the newest viruses, worms and cyber attacks, so they having their servers running through a proxy server located at , but flawed cyber security practices once again results to messed up whole setup and hacker successfully breach into centralized local server locat
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