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Sony Is Working On Mobile-to-Mobile Wireless Charging Technology

Sony Is Working On Mobile-to-Mobile Wireless Charging Technology

Mar 17, 2017
So you are in a party with your friends, and your phone is running low on battery. Oops! The ideal solution is to charge your phone using a charger or a power bank, but not everyone carries power banks or chargers with them all the time, especially in a party. What if you can charge your phone wirelessly using another phone when it runs out of battery? Isn't that great? Well, thanks to Sony, you might soon be able to use your friends' phones to charge your own device. According to a recently published patent application, Sony is working on a new futuristic technique that enables wireless power exchange between various nearby consumer electronic devices, including smartphones, computers, microwave, washing machine, fridges, and TVs, without cords. Wireless charging isn't a new concept at all, but this is the first time when the Near Field Communications (NFC) technology is being used for power transfer wirelessly between two devices, that too over considerable distanc
Meet The World's First Person Who Hacked His Body to Implant a Bitcoin Payment CHIP

Meet The World's First Person Who Hacked His Body to Implant a Bitcoin Payment CHIP

Nov 03, 2015
Hackers are now going crazy and trying new ways in Biohacking . Until now, we have seen a hacker who implanted a small NFC chip in his hand in order to hack Android smartphones and bypass almost all security measures. However, now the level of craziness has gone to a whole new level. A Swedish hacker has devised a neat trick that makes him able to buy groceries or transfer money between bank accounts by just waving his hand. Yes, you heard that right.  Patric Lanhed , a software developer at DigitasLBi, implanted a small NFC (Near Field Communications) chip with the private key to his Bitcoin wallet under his skin. So How Does the Trick Work? So, while sending Bitcoin payment from one digital wallet to another, he just has to wave his hands against an NFC chip reader that will scan the data, and a custom software will confirm the authenticity of the key, triggering the money transfer. A proof-of-concept video demonstration by Patric and his acquaintanc
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Crazy! Hacker Implants NFC Chip In His Hand To Hack Android Phones

Crazy! Hacker Implants NFC Chip In His Hand To Hack Android Phones

Apr 28, 2015
There is a very sleek line between hacking and security. The security used to protect the public could be misused by hackers against the public itself, and one shouldn't forget that with the advance in technology, the techniques used by cyber criminals also improves. Today, What hackers need to conduct a successful cyber attack? Maybe just a computing device injected under the skin of their bodies, who can bear the pain, would be enough to help complete a successful cyber attack – also known as Biohacking . This was exactly what presented by the former U.S. Navy petty officer and now engineer at APA Wireless Seth Wahle . With no malicious intention, Wahle implanted a small NFC chip in his left hand right between his thumb and his pointer finger in order to display the risks of Biohacking. Hacking Android devices using NFC implants: For those unaware, NFC (Near Field Communications) chips embedded in our smartphone devices are used for transferring files and in various mobile pa
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