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Potential backdoors discovered in US-based components used by French Satellites

Potential backdoors discovered in US-based components used by French Satellites

Jan 07, 2014
United Arab Emirates (UAE) may terminate a $930 Million USD contract with France based companies for the supply of two two military Imaging satellites  due to the discovery of several US produced components in them. Now the deal is in danger because the UAE claims it has discovered backdoors in the  components  which are manufactured in the United States , reported by the Defense News . The contract, sealed in July 2013, includes a ground station, the Pleiades-type satellites (aka Falcon Eye) are due for delivery 2018. The revelation was provided by high-level UAE sources, the companies involved in the business are the prime contractor Airbus Defense and Space, and payload maker Thales Alenia Space. " If this issue is not resolved, the UAE is willing to scrap the whole deal ," he added. UAE authorities suspect the presence of vulnerabilities would " provide a back door to the highly secure data transmitted to the ground station ". An unnamed UAE source has confirmed that the pres
UK Ministry of Defence hacked by NullCrew

UK Ministry of Defence hacked by NullCrew

Nov 06, 2012
The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence website (www.qhm.mod.uk) hacked by two Null Hacking Crew members  @OfficialNull  and @Timoxeline  and They extracted data published online . The data dump include 3400 email addresses and passwords from Ministry of Defence portal. Hackers trying to trend  #FuckTheSystem hashtag on twitter and related it to all their hacks against UK government. Hacker wrote on note : " Your webmaster made a terrible mistake... You may criticize us on the simplicity of the vulnerability. But if you can get so much useful data so easily, why wouldn't you? " "We hope that all governments and organizations realize that #FuckTheSystem is definitely not a joke. We hope that you have the decency to grasp the concept of it. But hey... You're the government right... Just some butthurt little fags. This security just proves how much of a joke our governments are. " note continue. Hackers mention that, they hack the website using 
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