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The Hacker News - Cybersecurity News and Analysis: Military websites hacked

Internet Explorer 8 zero-day attack spreads on 9 other sites

Internet Explorer 8 zero-day attack spreads on 9 other sites

May 08, 2013Mohit Kumar
Watering hole Internet Explorer 8 zero-day attack on the US Department of Labor website last week has spread to 9 more global websites over the weekend, including those run by a big European company operating in the aerospace, defense , and security industries as well as non-profit groups and institutes Attacks exploiting a previously unknown and currently unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser have spread to at least. Researchers analyzing the attacks say that the attack tie it to a China-based hacking group known as " DeepPanda ". Security firm CrowdStrike said its researchers unearthed evidence suggesting that the campaign began in mid-March. Their analysis of logs from the malicious infrastructure used in the attacks revealed the IP addresses of visitors to the compromised sites. The logs showed addresses from 37 different countries, with 71 percent of them in the US, 11 percent in South/Southeast Asia, and 10 percent in Europe. Micros
Hacker dump database from US Government and Military websites

Hacker dump database from US Government and Military websites

October 27, 2012Mohit Kumar
Internet Activist and collective hacker group "NullCrew" released a huge dump of 7,000 names-passwords database from US Government websites and 2000 names-passwords database from Military websites. Hacker claimed to hack into five websites, including Montana's Official State Website, United Nations, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, Texas Juvenile Justice Department, Force Health Protection & Readiness, domains are - , ,, and respectiverly. Few days back two Nullcrew members,  null and 0rbit_g1rl claimed to perform the hack into above sites using few vulnerabilities such as " Unproperly sanitized code, leading to disclosure of all files on a server and Boolean blind SQL injection " and they threatened to release the database soon. Today in a announcement via Twitter, hacker leaked the Database including 2000 and more Military, Air Force and Army officials us
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