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Israel preparing their Cyber Army under Unit 8200

Israel preparing their Cyber Army under Unit 8200

Nov 05, 2012
The Israeli military has set plans to boost its cyber warfare capabilities with a better Cyber Army by expand its Unit 8200. " It has become clear that the demand for soldiers in this field is growing, which is why we're searching for solutions not only in Israel but abroad as well ," a top officer in the Manpower Directorate. Unit 8200, Israel's equivalent to the NSA, is undergoing a massive expansion. The U.S. Army ad slogan may be: " The Army needs a few good men ." But IDF Unit 8200′s slogan is: " The IDF needs a few good hackers ." Actually not a few, more like hundreds if not thousands. The disclosure comes amid recent reports that the Israeli army is working to enhance its cyber-warfare abilities. Military intelligence chief Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi is slated to invest 2 billion shekels (525 million U.S. dollars) to that end in the coming years. " The military officials are tasked to track "young computer geniuses" and persuade them to immigrate to Israel for
IslamToday - Islamic magazine website Hacked

IslamToday - Islamic magazine website Hacked

Oct 10, 2012
Hacker going by name " VenomSec " hacked the website of one of the biggest Islamic magazine IslamToday  ( https://magazine.islamtoday.net/ ) is an online magazine which is operated from Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia and He leaked the database of the site also on a note in Pastebin . At the time of writing this article, the website was online and working without any interruption. One of the Hacker  Blog mention that : However, the reason for attacking the magazine site was not mentioned anywhere but from the message left by the same hacker on his previous attackwas to " protest against the on going war in the country and the Middle East, they are against the war and the anti-Islamic movie that has has resulted in spreading hate against the west ".  In Past  VenomSec hack few more Islamic sites including the website of Afghan Islamic Press and the official website of Lahore High Court of Pakistan. 
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